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Meet Dr Angela Wilson
Unbearable hardship is the driven force for me searching for the convincing approach that I can free myself entirely and forever. There is no real comfort zone and sense of security unless we can break the spell and free from our mind prison.

To free me from the highest level she can, I had taken life risk many times. Each time of survival leveraged the degree of my mental freedom for 8 levels and this is why I can coach the level of potential development and personal growth what others may still have fear to touch in the mind.

CEO Steve Jobs, president Park Geun-Hye, investment banker Michael Treichl, Mentalist Scott Lewis did not make it. With Dr. Angela Wilson, Me. you can make it!!!

Dr. Angela Wilson, I am a cross-border coach for professionals with powerful therapeutical, consulting and healing integrated skill background.

I can take one on a journey of 8 levels of self-discovery and version of self-updating, "Sustainable Success With Dr. Angela Wilson". This simplified and systematic potential development tool can efficiently assist one in prevention and termination of any suffering and maximize sustainable experience in business, career and personal life.
We are proud of the gifting to Oscar, March 2018
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34. Giveaway at It's A Glam Thing35. Giveaway at Daily Deals 36. Ariel Winter 37. Jane Fonda 38. Donald Sutherland 39. Jane Krakowski
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47. Greta Gerwig 48. Gary Oldman 49. Viola Davis 50. Allison Janney 
With Dr Angela Wilson
Turning Point- Online Free Public Seminar (60 mins)
You will benefit How to simplify your lifetime success. and  How to avoid the unpredictable crisis in professional and personal life and How to manage crisis and risks with ease.
Special Order: Tailored online seminar for Group and Corporate booking is Available.  Please contact us by email or call.  Door-to-door Presentation applies in CBD, Brisbane area or the cities, and the countries of Dr travel destination.

Date and Time: 10:00 am, 24th of July, AEST (Australia Eastern Standard Time)
Instant Transformation-Corporate Booking
Delivery Focus: Prevention & Management & Execution=Lifetime Success
Concept and theory about how to align different implementations like the 9 angels in life journey into one. You will have the breakthrough on the limitation of brain, mind.

Date and Time:  Sunday, from 9:30 am -5:30 pm AEST (Australia Eastern Standard Time)
Booking  a Speaking Gig-
Apply for free 30-45mins consultation
Delivery Focus:  Urgent Rescue/Intensive Coaching  Remotely= Recovery/ Transformation
Special Settlement is that we will provide Extra service that conservative approaches don’t apply or work.This is purely a communication approach which can integrate with the traditional method. Minimum Request: hearing function, as long as the recipient has no hearing function, coma

Prioritized Service: Free consultation apply after the email including your detailed authentic background information is received.
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