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Path To Liberty In The Mind Matrix

Book "Path To Liberty Will Be On Sale" 2020

Dr Angela Wilson initiated her fearless adventure to the unconscious mind at age six, experimenting on herself and acting as an assistant to her doctoral parents around The powerful and the rich.
Early success gave her an Advantage, focusing on revolutionary discovery. 
She has mentored religious leaders and their disciples coached spiritual masters and gurus. 

She consulted members of the most powerful family in political history.  

She was featured on Motivational speaker Australia, psychologist directory China and many Global Media.

Her Brand was introduced to the Hollywood circle at Oscars weekends, 2018.
She holds the privilege to invite achievers to private dinners with national politicians and decision-makers. 

As a mind technician, global speaker, profit coach, wealth and success strategist, entrepreneur, and global peace promoter,She has achieved an unshakable transcendence – the path of liberty in the mind matrix. 

Dr Share here knowledge, techniques and skills with those who want to achiever unshakable success so they can contribute to global peace through internal peace. 

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