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Hi, I am Dr. Angela Wilson, Mind Technician, Profit Coach And Wealth & Success Strategist, Achievers Resources Pty Ltd. 

We provide a series service for corporate, small business, and individuals to fulfill their practical needs.
"We Rise By Lifting Others..."
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Celebrity Interviewer: 
I am a licensed Radio Broadcaster, Panelist and Interviewer.

I interview successful entreprenus and share their story with others. Audience can learn from their wisdom and benefit from their acheivements. 

I was invited to interview Steve Wozniak (Apple Co-Founder) on stage with 2500 audience in Nov 2018 in Mega Succes Conferance in USA. During the new year holiday Jan, I had the privilege of interviewing  George Ross, the right-hand man of Donald Trump for 47 years in a very private cozy environment.

From my experience meeting world class celebrites, millionaires, multimillionaires and billionarie, they are share one common strength.
Each of they use the power of mind to conque the barrier. 

If you have successful business and would like to share your story, please contact me at email: 
Speaker:  Live With Inspiration But Not...
As a global speaker, I share my discovery on the "Mind Wonderland", the highest level of human potential hidden and buried from the within. 

The topic can adapt leadership, marketing, sale, customer service, productivity, resilience, teamwork, time management, health, relationship, parenting, religion, spirituality, gloal peace..., you name it. 

Why could it possible? Because all that we do in human experience is just a limited angle of the implementation of the brain.

If you are an event orgnizer and want someone to inspire your audience with instant and lifetime transformation, you are welcome to contact me!

Educator On Mind Wonderland
My lifetime discovery on human experience is the myth of Mind Power Impossible. 
Without this secret weapon, I should have died as numerous times as a little kid. Without the daily practice that helped me get strong enough, I should have suicided before age 20. 

Without the over decades of practice Mind Power Impossible, I would not have been able to make impossible possible and broke curses of my destiny and live the way I desire. 

I am still like you, don't believe something blindly, but trust the first-hand experience. 
Welcome to Achievers Resources. 
Let me hold your hand,walk you through so you can live in the best deserved!
Social Entreprenur:  We are Connnected
There will never be a global peace if we can only see the conflict of interest from each other. 
But we can live in a better and more peaceful place if the more of us understand and have first-hand of expereince in the journey pursuming wealth and success. 
With Mind Power Impossible, there is no gap between You and Me; there is no suffering and pain; there is no anger and hatred from the within; but learn how to deal with the diffence in physical reality.
With Mind Power Impossible, you will experience if you hurt others you are acturally hurt yourself at high level. 
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